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Palm Sunday is the doorway to Holy Week


Sunday begins the holiest week in the Church’s liturgical year and one that I hope is for each and every one of us. I hope it is a time of quiet, reflection. As we walk the journey with our Lord to the Cross.

Palm Sunday is the doorway to Holy Week. I invite you and your family to participate in the Masses and liturgical celebrations that we will have during Holy Week. It is a time for us to ask the question “Who is Jesus of Nazareth for us”? What idea do we have of the Messiah, what idea do we have of God? It is a crucial question, one we cannot avoid, not least because during this very week we are called to follow our King who chooses the Cross as his throne. We are called to follow a Messiah who promises us, not a passing earthly happiness, but the happiness of Heaven, divine blessedness. So we must ask ourselves: what are our true expectations? What are our deepest desires, with which we will come this weekend to celebrate Palm Sunday and to begin our celebration of Holy Week?

I would also like to encourage all of our young people in a particular way, to consider being part of our Holy Week celebrations.  It is a great time to really make our Catholic faith your own. May Palm Sunday and Holy Week be a day of decision for you, the decision to say yes to the Lord and to follow Him all the way, the decision to make His Passover, His death and resurrection, the very focus of your Christian lives.

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