One practical definition of holiness is that which belongs to God alone.  We actively demonstrate our awareness that we have entered a sanctuary of God's presence by words, gestures and posture.  Reminding ourselves of our baptism with the Holy Water as we enter and exit, men and boys remove their hats; genuflecting to the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle when entering and leaving our places; limiting our conversations to simple greetings; refraining from the use of electronic devices; not moving around during the readings, solemn prayers and at the consecration are all ways to show reverence.


The reception of the Holy Eucharist is a great privilege and gift signifying our unity with Christ and His Church;only Roman Catholics who are sufficiently disposed, that is who are not conscious of grave sin and have fasted at least one hour before reception are invited to come forward for communion. For Christians of other denominations, you may come up with your hands folded across your breast and receive a blessing.  We encourage all to pray that unity int he Church may be restored.


Fully conscious and active participation in the liturgy should take priority over everything else.  Please join in singing the songs and hymns and respond in full voice to the prayers and acclamations.  Our music unites us as God's people and gives God glory and honor, putting into practice Christ's command to love the Lord with our  whole heart and love our neighbor as ourselves.