Men’s Golf League

St. Michael’s Men’s Golf League was started in 2012 and gives the parish men an opportunity to share their passion for golf with other members of our parish.

For more information contact Jimmer Noel 402.730.5097 jsnoel@windstream.net.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Who:    St. Michael’s parishioners – singles and couples
What:   Meeting for food, socializing and fun
When:   Once a month until each host has a turn (4 times in 6 months)
Where:  Wherever the host decides

Would you like to get acquainted with others who are St Michael’s parishioners? Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is an easy way to get to know your fellow parishioners in a casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere. The groups consist of 4 couples/singles. Each group has a host responsible for getting the first dinner scheduled and help the group stay on schedule. The host for the evening is responsible for providing the main course and usually the refreshments. The others contribute an appetizer, salad, desert or wine.


Joan & Ed – 402.261.5638
Betty & Lloyd – 402.540.6540
Cheryl & Jim – 402.486.4588