Greetings Parents and Teens,                                                                            July 17, 2017


I hope and pray that this letter finds you encouraged to make all efforts to support our Godteen program with participation of both you and your family.  Father Clark has handed over the Godteen program to me, Lisa Sullivan.  My husband, Scott, and I have participated the last three years and hope and pray to continue Father Clark’s passion to educate youth and build community through relationships. 


The registration for the Godteens’ program can be done in any of the following ways: 1) in person on August 27 after Sunday 5:00 P.M. Mass, 2) through our website (via the registration form), 3) to the parish office, or 4) by sending the registration directly to  We will continue to use the Disciple program in our Godteen groups.   All material can be viewed by teens and parents.  Schedules of curriculum will be sent in September.


I am pleased to let you know Father Doher will support with activities and visits to meetings throughout the year.  We also have a great group of Godteen mentor couples.  These dedicated parishioners have devoted much time and prayer to ensure that your teen has the best experience this coming year. 


The time in high school is essential for students in the development in academics, athletics, and the arts.  However, the most vital development of our future leaders of tomorrow is the building up of their faith.  I encourage you to register and assist your teen in this year’s Godteen program. 


It is going to be a grace-filled experience!


Contact Lisa Sullivan for registration questions: – 402-314-1711 (call or text).


May God bless you and Saint Michael protect you!


Lisa Sullivan